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Motril Residents Netted

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Nacional smashed an illegal, medicine trade via Internet, confiscating half a million pills and arresting 25 people, two of whom live in Motril. »

Andalusia Near Bottom of Healthcare League

By Vivienne Hughes

(VEL) Navarra and Basque Country continue to top the tables in Spain with the best Health Service performance, with the Canary Islands and Valencia Province at the bottom of the table. »

Small is Beautiful

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Traditional vaccines take a long time to produce in large amounts no matter if they are ‘tamed’ live-vaccines or dead-microbe vaccines. This is a particular problem when epidemics emerge suddenly. »

Learning & Education

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

“Joshua, the Doctor is here to give you your vaccination..." – instant howling from the background from the 6-year-old in question. »

Ice-Cream, You Scream – Everybody Takes Statins

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Axel HeaderDetermining whether statins (cholesterol-lowering-medicines) are responsible for non-specific aches and pains can be difficult, especially in elders. »

Ladies Only

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

One has become increasingly aware of the potential harms of screening mammography, while remaining cognizant that much of the drop in breast cancer mortality is due to advances in treatment. »

Of Grandmums and Grandsons (Instead of Mice and Men):

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Although Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) with estrogen or estrogen/progestin continue to be the most effective treatment for women with bothersome menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, many such women are interested in non-hormonal options. »

Emerging Diseases

By Wolfgang K Piller MD

Whilst it is inevitable that new infectious illnesses emerge all the time, mankind does its share to spread them more rapidly with its modern means of transport like the examples above teach us. But apart from that we have to prepare for known illnesses emerging in new populations because of the illness travelling itself.... »

Mother Nature Is Good!

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Everybody is afraid of Cholesterol. This fear is fuelled by recommendations of professional, medical associations to consume less than 300mg daily. Because chicken eggs are high in cholesterol, about 200mg each, patients with high cholesterol are commonly advised to avoid eating them. However, the association between egg consumption and cardiovascular disease is unclear. A... »

Extremes In Medicine

By Wolfgang K Piller MD

Medicine, or let’s say the functioning and malfunctioning of human bodies and minds still remains fascinating for me. There is more to it than cholesterol, blood pressure, PSA and mammography; it’s like an old chest in the attic. »

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