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Axel Header“Joshua, the Doctor is here to give you your vaccination…” – instant howling from the background from the 6-year-old in question.

“But Josh – do you not want to be vaccinated?” – the unimaginable happens and the volume of howling doubles.

“Josh – we will be in trouble if you do not let yourself be vaccinated” – howling, crouching, waterfalls out of eyes that are watching me carefully and I feel calculatingly.

Mother is a Single-Mum and life at times is difficult being the only parent. Mother says: “Sorry Doc – we cannot make

Doc asks: “Who is the boss in this house?” Doc is still waiting for an answer which is not really needed.

A rather famous judge for juvenile crime lives and works in Granada. His name is Mr. Calatayud and he is known nationwide for his unconventional sentences.

A young computer hacker infecting and destroying other people’s computers is found guilty and sentenced to give a 6-month computer-course to the affected people instead of getting sent to a re-educational institution. A young thug robs old ladies when they come to the door after ringing their doorbell. He is sentenced to go shopping with them and cleaning their homes for several months.

In an interview the judge was asked about his two teenage sons and he said: “They must understand that I am not their mate or friend, but their father.”

What is wrong with education? Why do many parents not dare to educate their children? Education is necessary for learning.
“Never stop learning“ is what one of the most prestigious medical journals tells it’s readers in every single copy. Education and Learning make us conscious and responsible citizens.

Education and Learning is necessary to be able to be caring and sympathetic. And Learning never stops until our last moment and maybe even beyond.

Our Immune System learns early in life what is “Me” and what is “Not-Me.” The “Not-Me” will be classified as an enemy and intruder and will be fought – that’s why we develop a fever and survive an infection. But not all learning happens by nature or ‘automatically.’

Social learning requires education – that’s what parents are there for. Sometimes learning is unintentional and sometimes one wishes not having had to learn this.


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(Feature/Medical: Axel Thieke)

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