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Viva Mexico!

The pretty snazzy yacht, Azteca, dropped anchor in front of the Marina del Este on Monday, pulling a few admiring gazes in its direction.

A Tale of Two Ships

There were two pieces of news in the regional press yesterday about ships; in the one case a luxury yacht and in the other a Russian freighter.

The King Gives up Luxury Yacht

Times are hard and King Juan Carlos believes that keeping off the skyline is a good idea, what with all the flak over his son-in-law’s and daughter’s alleged dodgy dealings, and not to mention his unfortunate photo standing next to a dead elephant, hunting trophy.

Kuwait Canoe

it was probably best that anybody who believed – quite rightly – that they had a cabin cruiser to show off, should have kept their treasure safely tied up because the richest sheik in Kuwait had parked his 95-million-euro caviar canoe off Cerro Gordo.