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Live Music in Salobreña

Right at the top of town, in front of the Paseo de la Flores, you will find La travesia where you are guaranteed to find live entertainment most days of the week. Here is their programme:

Aquarium Hosts Live Music

The Acuario, which is the biggest in Andalucia in terms of water volume, will be offering three live concerts during this month as part of its Concierto Nocturno del Acuario.

The Sound Rebellion

There is a disused secadero (tobacco-drying brick barns) that has been turned into a live-music venue in Alhendin on the outskirts of Granada, and it is very popular. However, the owner has just received a 30-month prison sentence for having the live music too loud, which means that the term exceeds the probation limit of 24 months and consequently, he will actually have to serve time.