Robert’s Top & Bill O’Haire

The Sunday afternoon/evening open-mic sessions are back on at Robert’s Top in Almuñécar and I was really lucky to pop along to the first one.

ALM Bill in Roberts 01It’s always great to hear José Montalvo, who runs the sessions, on guitar/vocals accompanied by his brother Dani, who is a superb drummer. Also, of course, the open-mic musicians, who come from far and wide to play just for the joy of performing.

It’s a great weekly event where you get to hear some fantastic, live music in a venue ideally suited to this kind of jam session.

Just to make my day, guitarist and all-round nice bloke, Bill O’Haire, appeared and did a few numbers. It’s always a joy to watch this US musician play and although he considers himself a jazz musician, the blues heavy set he played at Robert’s Top was way up there.

We are so lucky that Bill has made Almuñécar his home… and to make matters worse, he’s a really nice guy and a pleasure to chat to. So, talented and a good guy… it’s these types that give us mere mortals a bad name!

Anyway, back to the open-mic sessions. Remember, every Sunday 18.00h at Robert’s Top in Calle Livry Gargan in Almuñecar. Loads of fine music, great company and a friendly atmosphere to boot… pop in soon!

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