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Response at Last

Last October we interviewed the Mayor of Salobreña and pointed out two problems, which didn’t get a convincing response… until now.

Interview: Roland Fade

I sat down with internationally acclaimed artist Rowland Fade – a self-proclaimed “lone wolf” who moved to Almuñécar in the 60’s – to chat about art, life and no regrets.

Benny Reappears

We had an invitation from the CA (Benavides) to attend a press call at Hotel Victoria Playa because after 18 months of staying away from cameras and microphones, the ex-Mayor of Almuñécar had decided that he wanted to speak.

Interview: Mayor of Almuñécar

The interview with the Mayor of Almuñécar, Trinidad Herrera, was given in her office at the Town Hall on the 26th of January 2012. The Mayor was asked questions concerning parking, unemployment and progress on the A-7 autovia between Taramay and Lobres.

Asking Benny

Brilliant, I thought, just as the election campaigns begin, I suddenly appear on the Mayor’s TV channel – great for neutrality, but having been knobbled, I decided to go ahead and ask him some simmering questions.