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From Fort to Museum

By Louise Powell

Thanks to a deal between the Almuñécar Town Hall and the Junta, La Herradura fort will be turned into a museum dedicated to the 1562 naval disaster. »

Bike Meet at the Fort

By Martin Myall

Right, you still have today to make your way along to the castle (fort) in La Herradura to join in the fun at the bike meet there. »

Spectacular Free-Style Show

By Hugh MacArthur

Chiringuito Chambao de Vicente was chosen as the venue for the announcement of the upcoming I Freestyle Show de Motocross in La Herradura. »

Carchuna Castle Controversy

By Martin Myall

The 24th of May will see the 80th anniversary of the rescue of Republican prisoners of war held captive in Carchuna fort. »

Carchuna Fort Exhibition

By Louise Powell

You've got until Sunday the 2nd of February to pop along to Carchuna Fort to see the Guardia Civil, historic display. »

The Great Escape

By Martin Myall

Forget images of Steve McQueen trying to jump over barbed wire on a stolen Wermacht motorbike; this is about Carchuna and the Spanish Civil War. »

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