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Cost of Electricity Soars

By Martin Myall

And you think the price of petrol is going up fast - what about electricity! In the first fortnight of May the price per MWH went up 13%! »

Electricity Goes Up Again

By Hugh MacArthur

(ESP10) The year is ending with yet another price hike in the cost of electricity, converting December in the 4th consecutive month with a price increase. »

Electricity Bill Refunds

By Martin Myall

A little bit of good news for a change on the price-of-electricity front; the average consumer will be getting 25.50 euros back from the electricity company. »

You’re Going to Love This!

By Martin Myall

Want to know why Electricity is so expensive in Spain? »

Electricity Goes Up Yet Again

By Vivienne Hughes

The Government has announced that the price of electricity will go up again, making it the fourth time this year; this time by 3.1%. »

Water and Electricity Should Go Up

By Martin Myall

he Association of Engineers for Roads, Ports and Canals (ICCP) foresees a 25% increase in the price of domestic water and 30% in domestic electricity. This is not imminent, but 'necessary,' the association considers. At present, the Spanish consumer pays between one and two euros per cubic metre of water, whereas in the rest of... »

Three April Spanish Articles

By Duncan Inglis

Three Spanish national articles from the April edition, all written by Duncan Inglis. »

Students’ Power Protest

By David Darby

Pupils at the IES Jose Martin Recuerda (secondary-education school) in Motril are protesting about the lack of electricity supply to their classrooms. In fact, the school has had no electricity since the beginning of the new term in September. »

Worthwhile Whinging

By Duncan Inglis

Motrileños are getting better and more efficient at officially complaining… or rather, at being aware of their rights and defending them where necessary. »

The Electricity Rebellion II

By Editor

Last month we reported on two Alpujarreños that had rebelled against Sevillana/Endesa’s haughty disdain for its customers. Well, their stance has attracted the support of many locals. »

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