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AliCar Diet

PP Alice

Doctor Alice Lauboeck in Motril has organised a special dietary system for those that want to lose weight and maintain an ideal one. Dr. Alice, you might remember, was the child doctor at the Almuñécar medical centre.

War on Carbs

Low-carbohydrate diets are increasingly popular, but concerns have arisen that such diets, compared with traditional low-fat diets might have adverse cardiovascular consequences.

Life is Tough

It does not seem that I am able to resist the subject of coffee at present and I have good and bad news for coffee lovers: you die younger, but not because of the coffee, but because coffee drinkers are more likely to have other unhealthy habits. The NIH-AARP Diet & Health Study which followed 400,000 people over 13 years has shown, that coffee drinkers are more likely to die, because they are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol, do little exercise and abstain from fruit and veg consumption.

Bowel Cancer – Trust The Medics

Last month two meta-analyses were published about health strategies on how to reduce the chances of developing bowel cancer. A meta-analysis is not a new piece of research, but it looks at all the published research on a subject, thus unifying conflicting results and drawing a conclusion out of the whole body of existing evidence.

2012: New Year’s Resolution

Technology has come a long way in helping motivate people to meet that resolve and get off the couch and sweat it out. Notwithstanding the competition, the three biggest enablers are Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s Playstation3 + Move, and Microsoft XBox-Kinect – all of whom provide gaming consoles.

WW Success Story

Here’s a good news story from Nicola at WeightWatchers:
Fiona was delighted when she discovered WeightWatchers on the Costa Tropical. She told me she had been unhappy with her weight for a couple of years and knew she needed some help to do something about it.


By following the Discover Plan with weightwatchers you can be confident in the knowledge that you’ll not only lose weight but gain health benefits too.