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PP AliceDoctor Alice Lauboeck in Motril has organised a special dietary system for those that want to lose weight and maintain an ideal one. Dr. Alice, you might remember, was the child doctor at the Almuñécar medical centre.

The whole thing is based on stimulating the metabolism under strict medical control.

Dr. Alice draws up a personalised diet to follow for each patient, first carrying out medical checks in order to design these tailor-made dietary plans based on their dietary profile.

Also included are natural supplementary products that help to burn fat and eliminate toxins.

Alice tells us you can lose up to three kilos a week… without going hungry!

So how much does it cost?

The first appointment: 70 euros (you’ll need a blood analysis first)
The second appointment: 35 euros (after 7 days)
The Third appointment: 35 euros (after 14 days)

Additional Services

Detox: 35 euros
Metabolic Stimulation: 37 euros
Anti-cellulitis: 25 euros
Fluid Elimination & Lymphatic Drainage: 15 euros
Anti-Stress & Appetite Inhibitors: 20 euros

With the beach just around the corner, why no give it a try?

You can contact Dr. Alice by phoning 985 977 442 or mobile 722 311 347 or go an see her in Motril from Tuesday to Friday, 09.30h 59 13.30h at her surgery in C/Azucarera Nuestra Señora de Lourdes, Local 8. You can also send her an email at:

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