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Motril Golf vs. Hacienda

MOT Los Moriscos

The Motril golf course, Los Moriscos is in the sights of Hacienda, which could cost it eight of its 18 holes – some readers will remember when it only had nine, anyway.

A Penchant for Debt

Last year, the City Hall of Granada, like many municipal administrations, received a loan from the central government so that they could pay off their outstanding debts to local merchants and traders up until the 31st of December 2011; a total of 107.8m euros.

Blacklists & Consumer Protection, Spain

The current economic climate has led to an increase in people and companies getting into debt all over Europe. This has in turn fostered the emergence of “credit blacklists”, where people and companies that have defaulted on payments are recorded.

Debt Crisis?

In these difficult times there are a lot of people deciding to call in old debts to raise some cash. Well, a German town is trying to call in a 450-year-old debt, which could be worth trillions of euros.
The town of Mittenwalde recently discovered an IOU (debt certificate) dating back to 1562, which clearly states that the town loaned Berlin money, and if repaid, it could make this little town one of the richest in the world.

End of the World Finally

The infamous and utterly misunderstood Mayan calendar, according to some, has it that we will all go poof in a cloud of cosmic debris on December the 21st, 2012. While quite complicated, and conflicted owing to scientific analysis and other discoveries, the prediction, should it prove true, might be a blessing as 2013, at least for Spain, looks to be an even harsher year than 2012 will turn out to be. Will anyone be saved?