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Cold, White & Wonderful

In case you were in any doubt, there is plenty of snow up on the Sierra Nevada, thanks to Thursday/Friday snowfall, giving the whole resort a postcard appearance.

Holiday Rentals in Andalusia

The law referring to the house rental market that was passed in 2013 i.e. the well-known “law on flexibility and promotion of the housing rental market” (in Spanish Ley de medidas de flexibilización y fomento del mercado del alquiler de viviendas) has been already launched in many autonomous regions in Spain.

Travellers Rights (Part 1)

Rights of the passenger in cases of delay, cancellation, overbooking and lost luggage (part 1):
Every time we buy a ticket from a transport company e.g. plane, train, coach, etc we implicitly enter a contractual agreement with that transport firm. The contract is generally named “conditions of carriage”, “terms and conditions” or other similar names. It can be found on the company website and sometime in small print at the back of the ticket or in one of the receipts after the purchase. When we buy a ticket online we implicitly sign the contract by ticking the box stating that we accept the conditions of the transport company.