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Cycling Around Granada

The British sportsman, Paul Bateson arrived in Almuñecar after peddling from Castell del Ferro; 42 kilometres in 4.5 hours – just one day on a 1,000-kilometre trip.

Band on the Run

Rivallry between small villages in well known – God help a young lad that tries to date a girl from the neighbouring village, but what happened in La Rábita between village brass bands surprised just about everybody!

A7 Gorgoracha-Puntalon Go Ahead

The much-needed stretch of autovia between Gorgoracha and Puntalón was 75% complete when all work ground to a halt; the construction company Isolux Corsan had struck an unexpected strata of rock that would require a lot of extra funding to reroute the construction work.

Mother and Son Arrested

The mother had reported a break-in during August of 2010 at their home in Castell de Ferro, with the resulting loss of money and jewellery amounting to 5,100 euros. Almost exactly a year later the son did the same, this time for 5,050 euros.