Lastest Local Covid Data: 4th

GRA Contagion Map 4JanConcern continues over the British variant of the virus, especially with the proximity of Gibraltar – the Junta shut down eight neighbouring towns as a buffer.

The Junta de Andalucía is waiting to see how much contagion figures climb owing to people having greater mobility during the 23rd of Decembef and the 6th of January, with a revision of the current restrictions by the 10th of January

As for the four health districts of Granada, in Granada Sur, which comprises of the Costa Tropical and the Alpujarra, there have been no deaths, unlike the other three:  Metropolitano de Granada (Valle de Lecrin, Vega, Poniente & Montes Orientales) 4, Distrito Granada (the city) 2 and Granada Nordeste (Guadix & Altiplano) 2.

Herewith the Contagion figures for the seven days ending on the 4h of January, followed by the total contagion and deaths figures.

If you would like to compare these figures with those published on the 28th of December on this website, please follow this link.

Contagion figures for the seven days up to the 4th of January
Granada City: 273
Motril: 25
Almuñécar 0
Salobreña: 1
V/Benaudalla: 0
Otívar: 0
Lenteji 0
Jete 0
Ítrabo 0
Molvízar 0
Órgiva: 1
Lanjarón 0
Dúrcal: 7
Padul: 3
Nigüelas: 0
Los Guajares 1
Albuñuelas 0
Lújar 0
Castell/Gualchos: 1
Albuñol 0
Alhama de Granada: 1
Nerja: 11
Torrenueva 2
Pinos Genil 0
Cenes de la Vega 7
Pinar (El) 0
Valle (El) 0
Lecrín 0
Zubia (La) 17
Gabias (Las) 13
Rubite 0
Otura 6
Moclín 0
Polopos 0
Villamena (Cónchar/Cozvíjar) 0

Total contagion figures
Granada City: 15,669
Motril: 1,509
Almuñécar 497
Salobreña: 195
V/Benaudalla: 47
Otívar: 17
Lenteji 1
Jete 3
Ítrabo 15
Molvízar 32
Órgiva: 209
Lanjarón 92
Dúrcal: 401
Padul: 384
Nigüelas: 30
Los Guajares 21
Albuñuelas 36
Lújar 7
Castell/Gualchos: 67
Albuñol 150
Alhama de Granada: 164
Nerja: 270
Torrenueva 31
Pinos Genil 66
Cenes de la Vega 407
Pinar (El) 18
Valle (El) 31
Lecrín 38
Zubia (La) 1,133
Gabias (Las) 1,112
Rubite 3
Otura 266
Moclín 156
Polopos 15
Villamena (Cónchar/Cozvíjar) 69

Total deaths
Granada City: 357
Motril: 27
Almuñécar 4
Salobreña: 3
V/Benaudalla: 0
Otívar: 1
Lenteji 0
Jete 0
Ítrabo 0
Molvízar 1
Órgiva: 3
Lanjarón 3
Dúrcal: 4
Padul: 6
Nigüelas: 0
Los Guajares 0
Albuñuelas 0
Lújar 0
Castell/Gualchos: 3
Albuñol 0
Alhama de Granada: 2
Nerja: 4
Torrenueva 1
Pinos Genil 1
Cenes de la Vega 9
Pinar (El) 2
Valle (El) 2
Lecrín 3
Zubia (La) 22
Gabias (Las) 15
Rubite 0
Otura 3
Moclín 7
Polopos 0
Villamena (Cónchar/Cozvíjar) 0

Editorial note: If your municipality is not included above, then leave a comment telling us which one it is and we shall provide the figures for you.

  4 comments for “Lastest Local Covid Data: 4th

  1. January 6, 2021 at 8:30 am

    Colin: OK, it was just a coincidence then, sorry. At the moment they are concentrating on the residences for the elderly and staff. You will be informed by your GP at the Almuñécar Centro de Salud when it is your turn. If not, get back to us and I shall inquire for you.

    Be aware that that it is a bit chaotic at the moment and although the vaccinations have been received from the Central Government by the Junta, distribution is far from running smoothly because of the extreme-cold conditions that the vaccine requires for storage.

  2. Colin
    January 5, 2021 at 8:13 pm

    Yes, my wife and I are officially resident in La H, and registered with the Salud. We do not know the lady whom you mentioned

  3. January 5, 2021 at 6:44 pm

    Colin: Are you officially a resident in La Herradura? Are you related to Carole Clarke who was trying to get back to Spain and her 81-year-old husband?

  4. Colin
    January 5, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    I am 82 years of age, in good health, resident in La H. When am I likely to be offered a vaccine ?

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