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Harassment in Cyber Space

Internet harassment and in particular hate email is of constant agony for many victims. Luckily there are laws that one can call upon, but when the bullying or outright threats are anonymous, it is extremely difficult to trace the culprit.

Teenage Torment

Three 14-year-old girls have been charged with extortion, harassment and theft – their alleged victim was a 12-year-old girl.
The three ‘bullies’ decided to skip classes at their secondary school in Guadix and use this acquired ‘free time’ to torment the younger girl after tricking her into accompanying them to an abandoned house. They told her that it would be fun, but it turned out to be hell.

Twisted and Dangerous

A university student in Mallorca, Juan Manuel Morales Sierra, had decided that he wanted his own Columbine-type massacre in the US, but better and at his own university. He had watched endlessly the footage of the massacre carried out by Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennet Kletbold – they were his heroes.

Justice At Last

They were referring to the court sentence handed down by the Regional Supreme Court, (Tribunal Supremo de Justica de Andalucia), in which it recognises that the said doctor, Socorro Ricoy, was victimised at her place of work in the Hospital Virgen de la Nieves after she denounced that the lists were being manipulated in 2008.