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Bonsai Garden Museum – Almuñécar

Well, I decided that as I live in a townhouse in Almuñécar and from the main terrace you look straight down into the Bonsai Garden, it was about time I went and had a look around the place. As it turns out, it’s a really interesting, hidden treasure that is beautifully laid out on several…

Something Positive

Let’s finish off the section on a positive note, expressing approval over two projects; one that is just about complete and the other which is set to begin.

Bonsai or Bust

And now for something pleasant: the bonsai gardens received 16,000 visitors during the two years that it has been open. Inaugurated on the 19th of December 2008, the converted park at the top of Avenida de Andalucía has played gentle, if repetitive (for its neighbours) music, attracting visitors who amble through it and emerge, generally,…