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Bonsai or Bust

And now for something pleasant: the bonsai gardens received 16,000 visitors during the two years that it has been open. Inaugurated on the 19th of December 2008, the converted park at the top of Avenida de Andalucía has played gentle, if repetitive (for its neighbours) music, attracting visitors who amble through it and emerge, generally,…

Bridge Disaster Untried

Five years have passed since the A-7 bridge collapse in Torrecuevas, when six workers fell to their deaths, but even after all this time, nobody has been held responsible for the disaster – Spain’s judicial system at its worst.

500th Birthday

Did you know that La Iglesia Mayor is having its 500th birthday – that’s a lot of candles! This church-cum-fortress has withstood pirate raids and earthquakes – even a sacking during the Spanish Civil War, so it could do with a spot of restoration work.

Charity Shop Recognition

Did you know that the AECC (Spanish anti-cancer association) has been around for 15 years? Whenever you enter their little charity shop, by the steps to the Municipal Market, you will most likely see Maria Jara Peñalver, who is the most ‘permanent’ of the 12 volunteers, who keep the shop and the association going.

Andrés Segovia

Although briefly mentioned in the La Herradura section, we feel the 25th anniversary of the Andrés Segovia Classical Guitar Competition at the Centro Civico in La Herradura is definitely worth a mention

Tienda Danesa

This fantastic little jewellery store and workshop, in the centre of Almuñécar will be celebrating their 5th anniversay on 28th of Aug. To that end, all friends and customers will get drinks and snacks for the whole day!