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December PDF Now Available

The December 2017 Seaside Gazette is now available in PDF format for downloading for those who have still not opted for the 10-euros voucher and to have it send directly by email.

The 8001st Article

Online Homepage

Yesterday we reached the 8,000-article mark with the article on the Motril police and their seatbelt safety campaign, which is the second milestone this summer.

September PDF for Downloading

September 2017 PDF

First of all, we apologise for the late appearance of the September PDF. This is due to Martin having been away in the UK and Dave being left holding the fort.

August Gazette PDF Download

The August edition of the Seaside Gazette is now ready for downloading for one atrocious euro. If you’ve bought a year download voucher, you’ve already received your copy via email.

July PDF Download

anybody who would like to receive the Gazette PDF via email need only pay 10 euros into our paypal account ( and they will be included on the monthly Gazette email.

This is The Plan

The Seaside Gazette has online readers; some 4,000 monthly visitors generating 9,000 visits, clicking on the website from literally all over the world.