Wines: Reds, king & Quiz

wine-peter-eacersallRed wines, North West Spain
A very diverse offering, with wines ranging from light, fresh, whites to Spain’s biggest, burliest dry reds. The most famous, and most expensive is Ribera Del Duero, but there are a lot of more affordable wines to try.

Old vineyards, modern methods, that’s the key here; resulting in easy drinking reds packed with the flavours of strawberries and damsons and scented with the swish of herbs, dry, gusty pink wines and light, refreshing citrussy whites.

The more serious flavours haven’t disappeared – indeed there are spicier, warm-hearted, Vanilla scented reds aged in oak barrels than ever before.

Ribera Del Duero
If I were the king of Spain I’d expect to get my hands on pretty much any Spanish wine I wanted at the flick of my fingers. I’d pay of course, but what’s the point of being King if you’re told, you’ll have to wait your turn, just like everyone else. Well, that allegedly happened when Juan Carlos tried to buy some Vega Sicilia without getting on the waiting list.

At the time – in the early 1990’s – Vega Sicilia from Ribera Del Duero, was Spain’s most famous wine. Although Vega Sicilia has been going since 1864, Ribera Del Duero only began to receive recognition – and then adoration and obsession – in the 1980’s.


1. Which are the two main grape varieties at Vega Sicilia and which region does it come from?
2. What is the name of the Italian equivalent of Cava?
3. Are there vineyards in the Canary Islands?
4. What is Cuarenta y Tres (43)?
5. Name five top brands of Rioja wines?
6. Which grape is used to make Rueda white wines?
7. On which day is Beaujolais Nouveau released?
8. Which country produces most wine: France, Spain or Italy?
9. In which region of Spain can you find Penedes?
10. Which company’s two well-known brands are Vina Sol (white) and Sangre de Toro (red)?

1. Tempranillo & Cabernet Sauvignon – Ribera del Duero 2. Prosecco 3. Yes 4. A liqueur with 43 ingredients 5. Marques de Riscal, Marques de Caceres, Muga, Lopez de Heredia, Baron de Ley 6. Verdejo 7. Third Thursday in November 8. In 2015 Italy 48.9 MHl France 47.37 MHl & Spain 36.6 MHl. 9. Catalonia 10. Torres.

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