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wine-peter-eacersallViognier – The new kid on the block.
We should be extremely grateful to Viognier for coming along when it did. We, white wine drinkers, were looking for something new that wasn’t oaked Chardonnay or zesty Sauvignon blanc.

Viognier was in danger of extinction except in a few precious vineyards of the northern Rhone at Condrieu.

Viognier is difficult to grow, but if you wanted a serious, swooning wine with a texture as soft as apricot juice, perfume like may blossom and a creamy richness – in other words a wine which oozed sex and sensuality – Condrieu from the Viognier rape, was it.

With its new fans, the sex goddess was moving into another category for us mortal drinkers so we began searching for the lookalikes. The first ones came out of California and Australia and later the other New Wave countries and now France itself with affordable wines.

Albarino – from Galicia
This is another world from the rest of Spain. Around the town of Pontevedra is the D.O. Rias Baixas region where a delicious white wine by the name of Albarino is made.

Albarino is a wine of considerable body and weight, high in glycerine, with a soft creamy ripeness And a lovely voluptuous fruitiness of ripe peaches and pears.

The favourite food of Galicia is pulpo or octopus and there are even whole restaurants known as pulperias devoted to serving it.


1. Which river flows through the Rioja region?
2. What is a Kir?
3. What is the feminine of barman?
4. In French Champagne what does blanc de blancs mean.
5. Tucked away in the wild & precipitous hill country west of Tarragona, what is the name of this excellent red wine region?
6. Before serving an old wine what should one do in order to separate the deposit from the wine?
7. Which Italian painter would swap a portrait for a glass of wine in the cafés of Montparnasse.
8. What is the name commonly given to a bottle of
a) 150cl
b) 300cl ?
9. Which country in Africa produces most wine ?
10. How many bottles of Champagne are there in a Nebucanezzar?

1. Ebro 2. White wine with crème de cassis 3. Barmaid
4. White wine from white grapes. 5. Priorat 6. Decant
7. Modigliani 8. Magnum & double magnum 9. South Africa
10. Twenty

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