Maria Hehir

English Film: Dunkirk

ALM Dunkirk

You will have the chance to see the excellent film, Dunkirk, in English on Tuesday the 16th at 18.00h in Almuñécar. It will be screen in the Casa de la Cultura, as always.

Film Postponed

ALM Dunkirk

Apologies for short notice but the Film in English ‘Dunkirk’ due to be shown tomorrow, Tuesday 19 December, has had to be postponed

Extra Film This Week

ALM Murder on the orient express

There will be no film in English next week as we have two days of fiesta and there are many extra events taking place at the Casa de la Cultura.


ALM Churchill

Tuesday the 7th will see the screening of the film, Churchill, in Almuñécar’s Casa de la Cultura. The film is in English with Spanish subtitles.