Bar Terrace Unrest in Nerja

If you watch the 49-second video that can be viewed via the link below, you will see a comical scene if it were not such a violent one.

The incident occurred around 11.00h Friday morning, when two men approached a bar terrace, one armed with a large stick, and attacked one of the customers, it appears.

There follows an almost Keystone Cop footage but obviously not very funny for the victim. He does almost immediately wrest the stick from the aggressor and confronts the two men who initially run to safety before returning armed with bar chairs and table.

Eventually they get the better of their victim but a passerby rushes over and thwarts the aggressors’ aim to beat the man when he is down.

The victim was taken to the Medical Centre in Nerja so that he could make an official statement of complaint before the police, with a medical report of his injuries.

Now, although drug pushing appears to be the motives, what is disconcerting is that one of the aggressors is a local man with a criminal record for robbery. The latest incident involving this man was just a few days ago when he held up a local business premises on a nearby street to where this latest incident took place. He inflicted a 20-cm gash on the arm of the business owner.

However, after coming before a magistrate he was released pending trial… despite his criminal record; something that many readers will find incomprehensible as being repremanded in custody until trial would have perhaps been, if not more logical, at least more reassuring for local businesses owners who have complained about the amount of fights and acts of theft in the last few weeks.

(News: Nerja, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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