Playa Granada Black Flag

Motril Town Hall is not happy about the Blag Flag category that Ecologistas en Acción have awarded for Playa Granada.

First of all, the ecologists’ black-flag system is to label beaches that are in poor condition, which is completely the opposite of the purpose of blue-flag awards. It’s a bit like the Nobel Prizes compared with the IgNoble Prizes.

Anyway the Councillor for Beaches, who is also one of the numerous vice-mayors, José Peña, called a press conference to counter the ecologists’ claims about the state of this particular beach, “There is objective data from different administrations which measure the quality of our waters and the good environmental states of our beaches.”

Ecologistas en Acción, on the other hand, based their qualification of Playa Granada on alleged dumping of “urban organic material;” or in other words, sewage. Playa de Poniente, on the other hand, got its black flag over “residual waters coming from the Alborán, trading estate.”

The ecologist report also mentioned the blue-coloured water that ran off into the sea between Motril and Salobreña back in January, which later investigations established that it was from a fertiliser not approved by the EU although it is still legal to sell it, as it has no noxious elements.

Going back to Councillor José Peña , he says that the ecologist report does not take into account the “climatic or environmental reality of our Motril’s beaches.”

Editorial comment: just after a recent gale, I personally went down to Playa Granada to see the damage wrought upon the beach and the huge step dug out by the surf. I was surprised to see sheets of black plastic about halfway down the ledge, buried in the sand, which could have only got there when they rebuilt the beaches by bring down silt from the ramblas by the lorry load.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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