Prettier Road Junctions

The Spanish road authorities (Dirección General de Carreteras) has authorised Almuñécar to put into being its Eje Verde project - junction adornments on the N-340.

ALM Decorated Pinos RoundaboutThis project does not mean that the town’s access points from the main road will finally have roundabouts instead of traffic lights; it just means that they can tidy up the existing ones, it seems

Mayor Juanjo Ruiz Joya, is over the moon because he says that they have been seeking permission to do this for some years. The junctions will have illumination and the garden areas with gigantic, half-avocados erected on them, for example.

We’re talking about the present monstrosity of a roundabout at the entrance to Los Pinos, and the traffic-light junctions all the way through to the Guardia Civil jumble… sorry junction, where Avenida Costa del Sol meets the N-340.

As the project is already drawn up and approved, the Town Hall need only put the work out for tender. Once started it will take 12 months to complete and has a budget of 250,000 euros. So the company that says that it can do it for the least amongst other participating companies, gets the contract.

The funding is coming from the Plan de Sostenibilidad Turística en Destino, which in turn is funded by the EU’s Next Generation, post-Covid, recovery funding.

Editorial comment: Mayor Ruiz Joya considers that the entrances into Almuñécar will offer a more pleasing aspect, even though he still hasn’t demolished the semi-built-hotel eyesore just up from the Guardia Civil, as ordered years ago by the Supreme Court, where no appeal is permissible.

(News/Noticias: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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