The Future of Infoca

Infoca is changing and starting this year firefighters will be treated better; given more permanent employment like their brethren in municipal fire service.

However, this won’t be all in one go, but rather between now and 2027. Furthermore, the task will not only be to fight forest fires and cut back vegetation outside the fire season, but to also help out in natural emergencies such as floods and earthquakes, as well as help out in searches for missing people.

This decision was made taking into account climate change with rising and prolonged temperatures and a reduction of rainfall around 7% as the century goes on. This forecast comes from the Andalusian Action Plan for the Climate. Andalucia is not alone in these as Greece and Algeria has also seen the same climatological changes.

In this current fire-fighting campaign, around 3,600 people from the Amaya agency will participate: 1,833 forest firefighters, 132 in support groups, 132 personnel in Bricas (specialists), 452 drivers/crews in firefighting vehicles, 143 operations technicians and 869 in administrative, tasks and watchtowers, for example.

There is also a question to be settled in future negotiations concerning indirect employees; i.e., those provide by external companies, such as medical personnel, pilots, aircrew and mechanics, as well as heavy machinery operators, accounting for another 260 personnel.

The question of salary equity with domestic fire services and how long it will take to reach the full adaption of Infoca as proposed for 2027, remain points of contention with the work union, CGT.

(News/Noticias: Andalucia)

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