Granada for Learning Spanish

Not everybody might agree, but National Geographic has chosen Granada amongst the world's top-ten best places to learn Spanish.

GRA Foreign Students in GranadaNational Geographic admits that an Andalusian accent is not the easiest compared with other parts of Spain, but even so, Granada was chosen because of the city’s ambience and attractions (monuments), as well as its sunny climate.

It’s a university city, after all, so it is full of young people, with whom to mix, if you’re a youngster looking for somewhere good to learn the language. It’s also got quite a few, private, language acadamies to choose from.

The other Spanish city is Salamanca, which is probably the most important learning centre for Spanish in the country and where they speak excellent Spanish.

In fact around 25,000 international students pass through their hands each year. Again, as a university city, it’s great for young people.

As for the other eight cities, they are: Medellín in Colombia, Quetzaltenango in Guatemala, Quito in Ecuador, Cuzco in Peru and Heredia in Costa Rica.

(News/News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Ahora Granada)

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