Two-Bus Collision

All told 101 passengers, mostly foreigners, were on the two buses involved in a multi-vehicle pile up on the A-92, resulting in one death and 35 injured.

GRA Bus Collision JL22 Moraleda Z 400x250Seven of those injured were seriously hurt and the other 28, slightly. The death was that of the driver whose bus rammed into the back of the one in front of him.

The accident took place a little before 06.00h this morning where the autovía passes through the municipality of Moraleda de Zafayona.

The Mayor, María del Carmen Cantero, explained that the bus was travelling from Madrid and heading for Algeciras (Cádiz). Most of those onboard were returning to their countries of origin in North Africa.

Three of those injured were children, aged 18-months old and eight and eleven-years old. They are being treated in the Urgencias Pediátricas del Clínico San Cecilio but are said to be in a stable conditions.

Those passengers being treated in the ICU are in the Hospital Neurotraumatológico Virgen de las Nieves, where there are also nine other victims from the pile up. Five patients are in the observation ward there. Other victims are being treated in the Hospital de Alta Resolución in Loja.

The third vehicle involved in the accident was a family car.

Whilst the injured were being treated on the spot; some had to be freed from the wreckage and later whilst, the vehicles were removed, the traffic on the A-92 was rerouted but normal traffic flow has now been restored.

Update: It appears that there was an animal on the road and the car braked hard to avoid hitting it, the first bus ran into the car and the second bus into the one in front. Two of the injured children have returned home and only one of the three people in the ICU in Granada still requires assisted breathing.

(News: Moraleda de Zafayona, Poniente de Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Ideal/Alfredo Aguilar)

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