Body of Mudered Man Found

The Guardia Civil are investigating the murder of a man in Dúrcal in the Valle de Lecrín. The victim was found with his throat slit.

Torre de Mahina

Torre de Mahina

The man, whose body was found in a cortijo, had a criminal record – in 2009 he had attacked one of his relatives with an axe over an inheritence dispute. Following the attack, he was sent to prison and served a prison sentence of over eight years.

Back to nowadays, the body, which was found on Monday, had other knife wounds (quite a few according to one source) other than the fatal one to his throat.

The police have ruled out the killing as a drug-related one, because the Guardia Civil have detained a possible suspect.

The victim was a resident of Dúrcal and lived in a cortijo situated in the area of the municipality known as La Mahina (where the tower in ruins is) which is where he went to live after leaving prison in 2018.

(News: Durcal, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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