Reader: Almuñécar August Fair?

A reader writes in to ask whether there will be a summer fair in Almuñécar this August, so we contacted the corresponding councillor to find out the answer.

Reader's Letter 01Hello,

Will there be a Feria in Almuñécar this year, 2021, from 8th to 15th August?

We know it was cancelled last year, but the fireworks are planned for 15th August again this year. We just want to know if the usual events will happen in Blas Infante this year
Many thanks

Hi, Pen

I managed to speak with the Councillor for Citizen Safety (civilian head of the local police) Francisco Robles. He confirmed that this year there will only be kiddy, fairground attractions but no casetas (temporary bars run by political parties and religious Semana Santa brotherhoods).

Furthermore, there will be no Fería de Día this year, which will come as a welcome respite for all the bars and restaurants that have to struggle through the winter only to have the summer takings skimmed off by these temporary bars run by political parties and hermandades – it really is unfair competition because the taxes paid by the hostelry sector are used to set up competition right in front of their premises.

Online Ed, Martin.

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