Paseo Pedestrianised

Torrenueva Costa Town Hall has decided to pedestrianise the seafront road during the afternoons to avoid crowding traffic congestion.

paseo maritimo de torrenueva, granada

Last year it was more about giving extra space for people so that they could keep their distance from each other whilst out walking along the Paseo. Although this year that reasoning is still a factor, the fact is that it made life easier for those living nearby. The extra parking areas made up for the restricted access in the evenings.

Mayor Plácido Lara, explained that the measure will come into force on the 15th of June. He said that both business owners and local residents were very happy with the system last year. In fact, he said that they were working on making this a permanent arrangement.

So, starting on the 15th, the paseo road will be closed to traffic between 20.00h and 03.00h. As for extra parking, the Town Hall has provided eight different pieces of landing for summer parking giving a combined total of 3,365 parking spaces.

Although driving along the seafront road will be forbidden from the 15th during the evenings, you cannot park there any time of day, already. Only those with garages or who have mobility problems have authorised access.

(News: Torrenueva Costa, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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