Caught Abandoning Dog

A 47-year-old man is under investigation for abandoning his dog by the roadside, which was caught on CCTV.

GRA Moclin Puerto LopeIt was in April that the suspect left his home in Roquetas in Almería and drove all the way to the Puerto Lope near Moclín in the north of the province of Granada, apparently to abandon a dog far enough away for it not to find its own way back.

A security camera belonging to a roadside cafe/restaurant recorded the moment in which the man got out of the van, let the dog out and when the dog wandered a short distance, drove off, leaving the animal running after the van.  Having the dog running along the road caused a hazard both for the animal and other drivers.

In fact, several people saw what happened and phoned the Guardia Civil, who later examined footage from the CCTV cameras. One of the witnesses even had the presence of mind to make a mental note of the suspect’s number plate.

A couple of hours after being abandoned, the Policía Local in Mocín found him wandering through town and informed Seprona (Guardia Civil) who checked it for a microchip but there wasn’t one.

Thanks to the footage, the police were able to establish that the person seen in the recording is the owner of the vehicle (so he can’t claim that yes it was his car, but it wasn’t him).

In the meantime, a resident of Moclín has agreed to look after the animal whilst the investigation continues.

(News: Moclin, Poniente, Granada, Andalucia)

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