Polishman Arrested in Salobreña

Guardia Civil, police operation, Polskcbd, rumbled a Pole, catching him read-handed, loading 349 kilos of marihuana into a lorry bound for Poland.

SAL Drug Shipment for Poland BustThe police had been investigating the 45-year-old Polish suspect since March, after discovering that the man had a plastic greenhouse where he grew industrial hemp.

What aroused their attention was that he was not following the normal protocol when harvesting the crop by not disposing of the flower heads (cogollos) which are used for producing marihuana.

Keeping an eye on the suspect, they saw that he was storing the crop and the flowerheads in a warehouse in Salobreña, where he allegedly processed and packaged it all for transporting to Poland.

The suspect rented the warehouse, which was kept under observation until the 4th of June when the police moved in and caught him loading large sacks of marihuana onto a lorry with Polish plates.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)


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