Not A Mere Mortal?

The opposition parties belonging to the Torrox Town Hall are spitting feathers over a ruling-party councillor who's allegedly building a pool with no licence.

AXA Councillor Builds Pool without LicenceThe Councillor for Hacienda and Personnel, Paola Moreno (PP), is accused of having a swimming pool built on her property within an urbanización in Torrox… without bothering to obtain a building licence for it.

For this reason the Spokespersons for the two opposition parties are demanding to see evidence of such a building licence. In the meantime, the construction work has been halted.

“To our knowledge, no building licence has been issued; she has requested one but it has still not been granted,” explained one of the spokespersons, adding, “we are asking her to clarify the situation because a councillor has to set an example.” He concluded that if she does not have the said licence, then she should resign and if she refuses, then the Mayor should make her do so.

Councillor Moreno has responded, “The person who requested a licence was my husband and he does have one,” adding, “I dare them to try and sue me.” She says that she and her husband have paid the relevant taxes on the works and the only thing that has happened is that they had received notice from the Town Hall over a technical question which has to be sorted out.

Editorial comment: this councillor is the same one that “attended” a Plenary Meeting of the Town Council via a video link… from a sunchair on a beach. This occurred last summer. After a couple of days of flak she finally agreed to pay back the money that councillors receive for attending council meetings.

(News: Torrox, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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