Molvízar Sewage Works

The work to provide Molvízar with a civilised sewage-disposal system, which concluded in February, has been signed over to the Mancommunidad.

COS Molvizar Sewage DisposalThis work began in September 2018 and was a source of constant roadworks along the main road until it concluded a couple of months ago – no more roadwork traffic lights.

Until the Mancomunidad came up with the project and a budget of 2,092,985 euros found, Molvízar dumped raw sewage into different barrancos, all of which connect with the Rambla de Molvízar – an arrangement best described as “mega-yuk.”

What this new system has done is connect the five sewage outlets in Molvizar and take the sewage via 315mm PVC pipes to the collection point in Lobres, which is in is turn connected to the EDAR (sewage-treament plant) for Motril/Salobreña.

The 3rd-world arrangement that the village has always employed (and every small village employed  back in the 80s) had already caused two court cases with the Mayors up before the judge, but on both occasions the cases were dismissed – yes, they are the maximum municipal authority but the lack of sewage treatment was the fault of higher administrations; not theirs.

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  2 comments for “Molvízar Sewage Works

  1. April 16, 2021 at 11:23 am

    Jefferson: If the Mancomunidad has signed it off, it has to be finished and therefore there should be no more dumping. If you do see it happening, tell us and we’ll get straight onto the Mancomunidad whose offices are in Motril. Don’t forget to send a photo.

  2. Jefferson
    April 16, 2021 at 10:43 am

    We live in Molvizar and have suffered through the disruptions of this project since it’s beginning. Our property borders one of the barrancos where the sewage was dumped, so we understood how important it was.

    I just wanted to confirm if the project was indeed complete and does this mean there should not be sewage being dumped into the barrancos any longer? Therefore, if we see it continuing to be dumped into the barranco, we should contact an authority?

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