Tie-Off Cruelty to Birds

Somebody has decided that it would be a good wheeze to trap pigeons, put tie offs around their legs to cut off the blood so that they eventually lose them.

GRA Tie Off Cruelty OnLThis has been occurring in the north of the city of Granada, behind the provincial, Policía Nacional Head Quarters.

The animal protection group, Protección Animal Vegas del Genil brought these acts to the attention of the police, pointing out that they have been coming across birds harmed in this manner for the last couple of weeks.

The plastic tie offs are put on very tightly so that they literally amputate their creatures legs, resulting in their bleeding to death. It’s not only pigeons being targeted but also smaller birds such as sparrows.

People who come across the birds try to take them off, some times successfully, before it is too late and many residents in the area are appalled by what is happening and consider who is doing it as “sick.”

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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