Jabs for Almuñécar Pharmacists

Pharmacists, doctors at private clinics, dentists and physiotherapists received their anti-virus jabs yesterday in Almuñécar.

ALM Pharmacist Maria VaccinatedThe reason why is because it was decided that the UK’s AstraZeneca vaccine will not be used on people over 55, as the results of tests on older people have not concluded yet, so rather than wasting the doses already received for the elderly, they are being used in this fashion.

Doctors, pharmacists, etc who are over 55, will have to wait for their age group to come up along with the rest of us.

Those that received their jab yesterday won’t receive their second jab until approximately 10 weeks; i.e., the 28th of April.

Vaccinations for those over 80 will continue from today onwards, in sessions being held during both the mornings and the afternoons.

Those selected will receive notification to attend the Centro de Salud to get the first of their two Pfizer jabs.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: infocostatropical)

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