Junta Meets over Seismic Risk

GRA Earth Quake Advisory BoardThe Junta convoked the provincial advisory committee for the Plan de Emergencia ante el Riesgo Sísmico to discuss all the seismic activity in Granada.

There have been 806 tremors since the 1st of December, 25 of which have registered 3.0 or over on the Richter Scale.

On the 26th of January the committee put the province at the ‘pre-emergency’ phase, which guarantees coordination between administrations and entities involved in a full-blown emergency.

The emergency number 112 dealt with 1,130 calls and 325 emergency service activations (fire service call outs over damage to buildings, for example) since Saturday the 23rd, which was when the intensity and frequency of earth tremors began in earnest.

On the 26th there were four earth tremors registering above 4.0 on the Richter Scale, which nearly swamped the 112 number, but thanks to extra staff having been taken on to handle the volume of traffic, service could be maintained.

Over the last 48 hours seismic activity has quietened and so calls have dropped off – last Sunday, for example, there were only 27 calls, mostly concerning structural damage recently discovered.

The committee of experts explained that the seismic activity in the Granada Depression (the city lies in a bowl formation) is due to the release of tension caused by “accumulated deformation in the tectonic plates” in the area.

The Chairman of the Committee, Sr. Sanz, explained that a similar situation occurred in 1979.

(News: Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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