Arrested for Lottery Theft

ALM ONCE Lottery TicketThe Guardia Civil must get to the point where they ask themselves where is the sense of arresting somebody, if they are out on the streets within hours.

This is the case of a 20-year-old burglar arrested in Almuñécar   after scaling the facade of a building in order to gain access to a flat and stealing 370 ONCE lottery tickets.

Depressingly, this same man had been arrested the previous weekend (reported in the Gazette) for allegedly lowering himself down from a roof terrace to enter a top-floor flat via the balcony window on Paseo del Altillo.

The tickets had been stolen during the early hours of the 19th. The suspect is alleged to have scaled the front of the building, accessed the flat and made off with a mobile phone and a bag in which the lottery vendor kept lottery money and the 370 tickets.

After the burglary was reported to them, the Guardia Civil went round all the ONCE lottery vendors to find out if anybody had enquired about numbers corresponding to the stolen tickets. This is how they rumbled a 26-year-old accomplice who had gone to two different lottery kiosks with 80 tickets to check for prizes.

Not all ONCE lottery vendors are blind or even sight-impaired as some have other types of physical impediments, which is why one of them was able to give the description that led to the 26-year old’s arrest, who later confessed. This first arrest led directly to the detention of the burglar.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada)

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