Acid Attacker Arrested

AND Acid Attacker Caught FBThe man who ambushed two women as they sat in their car – one of whom was his ex – and threw acid on them, has been tracked down and arrested.

José Arcadio D. N., or El melillero, as he is popularly known, had been on the run for three days but was tracked down to a cortijo named Entrerríos in Mijas. The same night as the attack on the two unsuspecting women, he had managed to escape the police attempts to trap him by fleeing at high speed in a Volkswagen Golf.

Now, in the cortijo, he had got wind of the police closing in and this time tried to flee on a motorbike but before he had got far, he collided with an unmarked police car. After that, he managed to flee again on foot to a small shack. It was there that they finally managed to put the cuffs on him.

The victims of his attack, Sandra and Cristina, are being treated for their chemical burns. Sandra, who had gone out with José Arcadio for eight months, remains in the ICU of Hospital Virgen del Rocío in Sevilla, with half her body covered by acid burns. Cristina remains in the Hospital Regional in Málaga.

The doctors are worred about Sandra and are trying to prevent any form of infection to her damaged skin because the injuries are deep.

The medical condition of Cristina remains categorised as “serious but stable.” with most of the damage caused to her face and legs.

Editorial comment: if ever there was a time for an eye for an eye, this case begs for it – let him know what agony his jealous actions are causing but on his own skin.

(News: Mijas, Malaga, Andalucia)

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