Fireman Falls Six Floors

SPN Flat Fire Murcia Molina SeguraJPGIn the early hours of yesterday there was an explosion in a block of flats. The ensuing fire in resulted several injuries, amongst them two fire personnel.

The fire, which occurred on Calle Tirso de Molina in the municipality of Molina de Segura (Murcia), left several neighbours and firemen injured.

The emergency service 112 received a call at 03.49h followed by half a dozen more. The explosion, thought to have been caused by a Natural-Gas leak on the sixth floor, left people trapped on that floor.

By 04.30h the fire service had the fire under control and had rescued the trapped residents.

Unfortunately a 54-year-old woman had to be rushed the the Burns Ward at the general hospital in Arrixaca with burns to 90% of her body. She had originally been rescued by two neighbours but had returned to the burning flat to grab some of her possessions.

As for the injured fire personnel, a 43-year-old fireman fell from the sixth floor and miraculously did not receive life-threatening injuries, although he broke several bones. He had hung onto a fire hose during his fall, which had slowed the fall and diminished the impact.

Another fireman, aged 41, suffered heat stroke and seven residents had to be treated for smoke inhalation. There was one resident who had a panic attack but none of them needed to be hospitalised.

All told, 18 fire personnel from six different fire stations, using seven vehicles, were needed. Four ambulances were also called in.

(News: Molina de Segura, Murcia))

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