Roman Discovery

ALM Roman DiscoveryExtensive renovation work on streets, above and below ground, has uncovered a Roman wall up in Barrio San Miguel in Almuñécar, not far from the castle.

The structure dates back to the First Century AD and is part of the outer wall of the Roman settement, according to the Municipal Archeologist, Eva Urquieta. This section of wall, as is the case of many of the older houses in the said barrio, has been used as a foundation support. .

The uncovered section of outer wall is under Calle San Miguel Alto, which is near the Plaza Eras del Castillo and Calle San Miguel. It is about 14 metres long and has been used as foundation support under the house at Nº 4 of the said street.

Besides the wall itself, the archeological team has also recovered pieces of luxurious Roman pottery of the type known as Terra Sigillata which is a fine, red, Ancient, Roman pottery with glossy surface slips made in specific areas of the Roman Empire.

“This structure is set within a very important area in the Barrio de San Miguel and not very far from the castle where, possibly, a temple or large building used to stand,” she explained.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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