Mayor Singing in the Rain

ALP Dancing Mayor 03The Mayor of Lanjarón decided that he was going to do a Gene Kelly along the town’s main thoroughfare, embracing townsfolk along the way.

Well, you might think that this was not a problem, but as it was on the night of San Juan, with the fiesta banned this year in his town, it has attracted a lot of criticism, not only for mounting his particular San Juan festival when he had forbidden his fellow townsfolk from doing it, but also because with all that kissing and embracing, social distancing during this health crisis was obviously not on the agenda.

One glance at the video and you get the impression that he had knocked a few back before hitting the street armed with an umbrella and gay abandon – perhaps not.

It is a tradition on the night of San Juan in Lanjarón for the street maintenance crews to hose anybody down that ventures onto the streets, so people tend to venture out suitably dressed for the occasion but as we said before, it had been cancelled by the expressed order of the Mayor himself.

The opposition parties must have thought that it was Christmas because being handed this little ‘prezzie” was a veritable godsend. The local Spokesperson for the socialist, posted a video of the Mayor on social media with the accompanying message: “Here is a case of severe irresponsibility by the Mayor, participating in the San Juan fiesta, embracing everybody he met along the way. Little commons sense demonstrated before his people after so much suffering.”

Some locals heavily criticised on social media those that did participate, saying that there were groups of up to 40 people and none of them wearing a mask or keeping their recommended distance.

The Mayor has since made a statement saying that the fiesta had been suspended but isolated pockets of locals ran along the main street to get hosed down but that it was done obeying all the recommended safety precautions, adding that he had joined them to make sure that things went without incident.

He concluded that the footage that has gone viral on social media shows scenes that are not comparable with normal years gone by when thousands of people participate, adding that the Policía Local were present and had no cause to fine anybody.

(News: Lanjaron, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia

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