DNA Rumbled Oil Thief

AND Olive Oil AlmazaraThe Guardia Civil in the town of Osuna (Sevilla) are investigating a man over the theft of 5,500 litres of olive oil, valued at over 22,000 euros.

Things don’t look good for the 44-year-old suspect as the police have discovered his DNA at the scene of the crime.

The theft took place three years ago, in May 2017 and was carried out in a very professional manner, as the gang disconnected the alarm and altered the direction of the security cameras so that they would not record anything. They gained access by making a hole in the roof and simply lowered a pipe into the storage tank and transferred the oil into their tanker parked outside.

The thieves were careful not to leave any prints on the roof or on the storage tank but… one of the thieves did leave a DNA trace, so that now, three years on, they have been able to match it to the suspect, who has an extensive criminal record including previous olive-oil thefts.

The reason that they were able to match DNA was because it had just cropped up again at a more recent crime scene

(News: Osuna, Sevilla Andalucia)

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