Power Station Break-In

GRA Niguelas Power Station 02A 37-year-old man was arrested in Dúrcal, accused of carrying out a break-in on the hydroelectric, power station in Nigüelas.

The theft took place on the 13th of April when the alleged culprit managed to force entry into the power station and steal specific electrical equipment, worth 23,000 euros, without which the power station cannot function properly: solenoid valves, accumulators, an electric hoist and other tools.

The arrested man was loading his booty into his boot when he was surprised by a worker at the power station and drove off rapidly. However, such was his haste that he skidded off the road 200 metres further on, slamming into a tree. At this point he abandoned the car and his booty and ran off on foot.

The said worker phoned the Guardia Civil, who later arrived at the power station. They found the car and retrieved the stolen material, returning it to their rightful owners.

About an hour later the suspect phoned in to claim that his car had been stolen during the previous night…

Little good did it do him because the police investigation proved beyond doubt that the perpetrator and the car owner were one and the same. The fact that the keys were still in the ignition didn’t exactly lend weight to his claim.

(News: Nigüelas, Valle de Lecrín, Granada, Andalucia- Photo: Ahoragranada.org)

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