Rescued after breaking Quarantine

SPN Guardia in the SnowA mountain-rescue team belonging to the Guardia Civil  was called out to rescue two hikers who had ignored the quarantine in order to camp in the mountains.

The search party set out at the beginning of this week to locate a 42-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman in the Sierra de Madrid – both people had climbing experience and were well equipped.

The couple had camped out for the night in separate tents but there was a heavy snowfall during the night covering most of the landscape making it difficult to both find the way and move through it. So, at 10.20h they phoned in for help.

They were found in good health  around 13.30h but their rescuers were not happy bunnies, obviously – the Guardia Civil have enough on their hands without searching snow-filled valleys for quarantine breakers.

(News: Madrid, Spain)


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