Police Close Golf Course

MOT Los MoriscosMotril’s Policía Local had to go round to Los Moriscos Golf Course and shut it down yesterday, because the golf course was still operating.

Mayor Luisa García Chamorro pointed out that it is essential that people behave responsibly, which was not the case here because when the police arrived there were people playing golf on the greens.

Yet it was not only Los Moriscos that had to be forcibly closed as several other establishments were caught open with customers on the premises.

Furthermore, they also found themselves having to send people home who were out cycling, jogging or just strolling along the paseos.

“We know that it is not easy,” she admitted, “but people must be made aware that they can’t go out when they please.”

She said that the police would continue to just warn people but in future they will be fined: “The vaccine for the virus is us, ourselves,” she said.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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