Almuñécar Tapa Route 2020

ALM 2020 Tapa RouteThe 6th, annual, Ruta de la Tapa de Almuñécar kicked off yesterday, announced the Councillor for Commerce, Francisco Robles Rivas.

Those establishment taking part in the VI Ruta de la Tapa are: Restaurante El Árbol Blanco, Taberna del Gala, Mesón Gala, Restaurante La Ventura, Salibre Playa, De la Flor Gastrobar, Taberna Ayer, Bar Blas Infante, Cervecería El Bribón, La Despensa de la Abuela, Mesón Marí y Miguel, Cervecería Cortijillo Playa, Selva Fusión, Casa La Parra, Rosa Negra Gastrobar, La Tasca, La Mar de Gambas, Restaurante Gabazo, Bar Manila, El Convento, Restaurante Firmvm, El Lerele, Mesón Petete, Bahía Gastrobar, La Tralla, Bar Salva Playa, El Molino and Rinconcillo del Papeo.

Each one of the above will have a star tapa. There is a set price for all of three euros, which includes a beer/soft drink + tapa. Like previous years, customers will evaluate each tapa in their ‘event passport,’ which will be stamped by each bar/restaurante visited.

The customers evaluation counts for 60% of the score and the other 40% will be awarded by a judging panel comprising of five judges.

The First Prize will be free participation in the Fería Gastronómica later on in the year. This includes free publicity space provided on the gastronimic-event poster.

The event has been organised by the Asociación de Hosteleros del Valle Tropical and runs from the Friday the 6th (yesterday) to Saturday the 14th.

(News: Almunecar/Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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