Fireball Lights up The Sky

AND FireballEarly Sunday morning, just after midnight, saw a large fireball enter the Earth’s atmosphere, which momentarily lit up the sky.

The Complejo Astronómico de La Hita (Toledo) picked up the fireball travelling around a ‘breezy’ 43,000 KPH.

This large chunk of rock came off an asteroid and entered the atmosphere some 70 kilometres up, over the province of Almería, immediately turning into a hurtling fireball. Such was the intensity of its light that it could be seen 500 kilometres away.

Descending towards the North-African coast it finally burnt out about 29 kilometres up, 50 kilometre off the coast of Algeria. Astrophysicist are calculating whether fragments could have fallen into the sea.

On the 19th of this month there was another fireball, less spectacular. However, they are not related; i.e. from the same source.

(News: Almería, Andalucia)

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