Burning Revenge

GRA Torched Killer's HouseThe family of a murdered woman torched the confessed murderer’s house in the early hours of yesterday. This took place on Calle Capitán Casado in Pinos Puente.

The local fire service was called out just after 02.30h to put out fires in two houses; one belonging to the confessed killer and the other to his sister, which are next door to each other. Fortunately, there was nobody in either at the time as the family of the alleged murderer had left town to escape reprisals over the death of V.A. last Saturday afternoon.

The arrested man, aged 47 and resident of Pinos Puente, is accused of shooting the victim in the head several times after an argument. He is also charged with the illegal possession of a firearm.

The Guardia Civil are out patrolling in force around town after the Mayor called for calm. This extra police presence will remain until after the funeral.

For the moment, nobody has been arrested in connection with the two acts of arson.

(News: Pinos Puente, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: still from Ideal video footage)

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