Hospital Staff Protest

MOT Hospital Staff ProtestThings at Hospital Santa Ana in Motril are bubbling over. The workers’ unions, UGT, CCOO, Satse and CSIF called a protest gathering outside the hospital last month.

Yet you would be wrong to think that there are only problems in this particular hospital because similar protests took place in front of hospitals all over Andalucía.

So, what’s up? Well, in the case of Motril it’s the lack of celadores (hospital porters). The hospital has 13 of them on sick leave but only three temporary replacements have been taken on. This, the UGT considers, overloads services and staff.

This seems to be the problem across the staff spectrum regardless of the duties involved; posts left unmanned by those off sick, on maternity leave or simply those taking holiday leave, are not being filled by temporary workers. There are plenty of qualified workers on the job market, but they are not being employed by the Regional Health Board.

On the other hand, the Área Sanitaria Sur de Granada (Health Authorities) have a far different take on the situation. They say that they are already spending 45.8m euros on personnel, which is 6.6% more than last year. They emphasise that they are employing 320 doctors; again 12 more than last year. As for other medical personnel, they employ 706; 42 more up on last year. Even administrative staff (382) is up by 23 members of staff.

As for money spent on temporary staff to cover shortages over the summer, they have spent 7.6m euros, which is nearly 2m more than last year.

Finally, they say that temporary absences (sick leave, etc) is actually up compared with 2018.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Ideal)

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